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Because we, in addition to our large, local portfolio, work with 65 different offices - in 13 different countries, we are able to operate at a local level, anywhere in the world. Through our colleague recruiters around the world, you have access to a global, local market and vast portfolio of candidates. This makes that we are able to promise that we will always find the perfect candidate.

Chances are we already know the candidate you are looking for to fill that one, very difficult vacancy. Through our network a whole world of candidates opens up to you, literally. If we find your new employee for example somewhere in Asia, we take care of all the paper work. You have nothing to worry about; We bring the world to you

We do not like to be seen as a service provider, we work with you. We strive to create a feeling of us working internally for you, while we take your recruitment process off the beaten path. So we can trace and secure even the hardest-to-find candidate for you!

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